About Robert Cefail

It’s always difficult to sum someone up in a box or a page but it always brings forth the questions that we all ask. In my case it’s “Who is Robert Cefail?”.  Am I what I do for a living, am I what I love, am I the place where I exsist, the beliefs which I hold dear, or am I a unique combination of all those things plus more? Since there has to be something on this page, I’d like to think that I, Robert Cefail, am an amalgamation of all of those thing and so many more both discovered and waiting to be discovered.

To those who know me professionally, they’d tell you Robert Cefail is a professional, a business man, an entrepreneur that owns a celebrity endorsement firm (cshoptv.net), and believer in others. Those who know me personally would tell you Robert Cefail is a husband, a father, a supporter of my local community (Tampa Bay), an MMA enthusiast, a joker, and always a dreamer.

Life here in the Tampa Bay has opened up many wonderful opportunities for me and my family and I am always thankful for the people here and all the businesses that contribute to the area. It is my hope that in addition to just talking about my hobbies and likes here, I can shed some light on some of the great events and businesses Tampa Bay has to offer.